Why paint when you can wrap?

Car wrapping
Don’t paint your car. Reimagine it, transform it, wrap it, with 3M car wrapping. We can take your car and turn into something spectacular, with a wide range of coloured and textured vinyl car wrapping films. Change the colour and impact of your car anytime you want, with a car body wrap.

Change the colour of your car quickly and cost effectively, with no need for a re-spray
Car wrapping is reversible, so if you want to go back to the way the car was later on, you can
Car wraps can even protect your original paintwork from sun damage and mild abrasions
If you don’t want to do a full car body wrap, you can personalise your car by wrapping just the wing mirrors, front grill or roof instead!
Our network of 3M Authorised Vehicle Wrappers can help to ensure that your vehicle wrap looks every bit as good as the original paintwork. Learn more about 3M colour change wraps.

Why not customise your car?

You are unique and there is no reason why your car can’t be. With 3M printable wraps, you could drive away in a tiger print or your favourite painting or even something unique that you designed yourself. Our network of trained 3M Authorised Vehicle Wrappers can help you create impactful car graphics designed specifically for you.
You could also use a 3M printed wrap to advertise your business and improve your chances of winning your next customer. Vehicle wrapping is a great way to expose your business and services to potential customers, and also enhance the image of your business while on the move. Learn more about 3M custom printed wraps.
Photo showing our 3M Car configurator homepage
Anything but ordinary

Boldly design a new look for your vehicle in three easy steps.
Colour change? Simple. Dramatic designs? Not a problem. Choose from a variety of finishes, textures and colours including carbon fibre, that offer a unique, head-turning look.
Coloured car wraps are becoming increasingly popular because they can be more cost effective compared to a car re-spray.

Fuente: www.3m.co.uk

Look around, there are good vehicle wraps and there are bad wraps. Many people often make the mistake of going with the lowest cost provider however, not every vehicle wrap company is the same. Take the time to understand what goes into the process so you can rest assured you don’t get left with an inferior wrap.

When submitting a request for quote, be sure to have all of the information from your company before requesting a quote, especially if this is the first time you are buying a wrap for your business. You can download a few resources when starting your fleet wrap project below:

Buying a Wrap from Visual Marking Systems:

Fleet Graphics Brochure

Getting a Return on your Vehicle Wrap Investment

Your wrap provider should be the knowledge expert and also an extension of your marketing team and provide material and printing solutions that meet your needs. There are often various certifications, experience, design, experts, material warranties, installation warranties, not to mention use & care guidelines to consider before you wrap the company fleet.

Just like professional services for your home, a licensed electrician, plumber or other trades have certifications & licenses for their services or products. Vehicle wraps should be treated the same way. Often price differences in a quote are based on the raw material that can vary significantly in price.

Lets face it, your fleet of vehicles cost a lot of money to own and operate and the image of your brand is vital to your brand’s messaging. Take time understanding your unique business objectives, like deciding on what design to include and a budget and time line for each install. Also at this time, determine how durable and what conditions the vehicles will be exposed to at the same time, VMS can recommend different materials based on your specific requirements.

Professional Decal Applicators Alliance (PDAA) & Certification for Quality Graphics

I know, we live in the world of instant feedback and technology, however, there are many variables a wrap shop should consult with you before offering a price. Most GOOD wrap shops have either PDAA Master Certification or are 3M UASG Certified. However this doesn’t always guarantee the job will be perfect, it does, however, offer the best industry training and other resources when evaluating different suppliers and application techniques.

The most prestigious motoring event on the international calendar took place this month – the Geneva Motor Show. Renowned globally for its big launches, announcements and car reveals; this year really didn’t disappoint.
Boasting the biggest display of the world’s latest cars, Geneva Motor Show welcomes the planet’s most respected motoring journalists and critics for two days of press day activity on 6 and 7 March, with endless glamorous reveals and launches, before throwing open the doors to the public on 8-18 March, and enticing car lovers with the newest, shiniest cars to hit the market.
It’s on those two press days when the exciting stuff happens, with journalists and critics given the very first, very exclusive sight of what the big-name motoring brands have been keeping top secret, until that moment.
Now that Geneva is all wrapped up for another year, we’ve trawled through the reports and reviews, and give you our top three Totally Dynamic highlights from this year’s tech-driven show.
And if our snapshot leaves you wanting more, head over to Car Magazine or Sunday Times Driving to read everything you need to know about the best new cars from Geneva 2018.

A report just out has revealed the most popular colours for new cars bought in 2017. And it hardly reads like a rainbow! Top of the list is black, accounting for 20% of all new cars purchased last year, followed by grey and white in second and third spot.
As a car-buying nation, it seems we prefer safe, chromatic colours. And according to colour psychologist Angela Wright, choosing black, grey and white over brighter shades shows that drivers are being reserved, craving safety and security. (Read more in this BBC report.)
The absence of colour makes for slightly dismal reading. But for those of us who want to achieve a bold, bright statement, it seems we’re not alone. There are still extroverts out on the roads.
Gold raced up the 2017 list with demand up 19%. It still only accounts for 2% of all car sales; but it’s a bright glimmer of creativity amongst a sea of black and white. (Bit of a throwback here, but we loved wrapping this Bentley and snowdog sculpture in matching, gleaming chrome vinyls, back in 2016! Any excuse to show them off again!)
Do you feel like bucking the mono trend? Perhaps you’re looking for a colourful makeover for your car in 2018? Or maybe you’ve recently invested in a new set of wheels, but had to settle for a manufacturer’s standard colour?
Our professional car wrapping teams at Totally Dynamic are skilled at transforming cars with our vinyl vehicle wraps. And we can wrap your car in any colour of the rainbow. Seen a shade you like? Show it to us, and we’ll match it.
We’re not limited to single coloured wraps either, as this rainbow-inspired full colour vinyl wrap for our client, Cosatto shows.
Prefer something a little bit more understated? Keep it slick, stylish and sophisticated like this satin black wrap completed by our South London, Redhill Totally Dynamic centre. Proving that black needn’t be boring.
Any shade from the spectrum is possible. With ultra violet named the official Pantone shade for 2018, will purple make the list next time around we wonder?
Our Totally Dynamic gallery is awash with colourful vehicle wraps. Take a look for some inspiration, or call our expert team to find out more about the possibilities.